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Oil Spill Management and Environmental Remediation

When liquid petroleum or hydrocarbons are released in the environment through equipment failure, human error or deliberate acts, there is an urgent need to remove these spills to protect the environment. Our major focus is to assist in Environmental Sustainable Development by being proactive on these environmental issues. OMW specializes in providing expert spill response services including, oil spill response and emergency spill response services. We have the latest technology and innovative techniques to handle any type of spill response situation.

Pipe Scrap Disposal

We provide specialized recycling services to the oil, gas, energy and construction industries. We are capable of dealing with all aspects of recycling oil related equipment on and off-shore. The company provides complete disposal and re-use services.

Drill Cuttings Management

With our experienced drill cuttings management team, we provide a safe and proper handling of waste cuttings and also free up rig crews from running loaders. We can reduce clean-up costs by eliminating the spread of solidification agent and invert across the lease. We can also monitor and ensure transport trucks are filled to capacity, to help reduce extra hauling costs for the operator.

Solids Control

We provide a range of Solids Control Solutions. Once we separate the drill cuttings from the drilling fluid, we have a variety of programs to help manage and dispose of this waste safely, efficiently and always in complete compliance with DPR. Our extensive network of both company-owned and third-party waste treatment and disposal capabilities help reduce liability and obtain the best value.

High operating standards

"experience and expertise"

OMW understands that the ability to develop and implement solutions to complex environmental problems often requires the collaboration of specialists. For each project, we assemble an experienced team of professionals with experience and expertise in disciplines necessary to address the specific challenges of the project at hand.

Highly Ethical & Seasoned Professionals

"engage with specialist"

Our professional staff, offer expertise in comprehensive project management, current scientific developments, standard operating procedures and protocols, and environmental quality assurance/quality control applications. We have the in-depth experience necessary to provide fast, cost-effective solutions to environmental issues

High health, safety standards and practices

"when it comes to safety, we go the extra mile"

Health and safety is our absolute priority. We are committed to  operating with zero accidents; creating enduring partnerships with our clients and exceeding safety and performance expectations.

Environmentally friendly company policy and practices

"eco-friendly practices"

OMW is committed to a greener planet; thereby we employ techniques and practices with sustainability as our top most priority.

Excellent relationship with every host community

"we aim to maximize local content"

OMW’s policy is to actively support and enhance the local economies in which we operate. By utilizing the facilities, skills and talents in our host communities, we aim to maximize local content.